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The "Amazing Race"

Welcome Students

In this unit "The Amazing Race," we will learn about the socio-cultural features that are a part of language learning in every culture.

In class, we will share, learn, discuss, and practice the cultural cues that we observe in our daily interactions.

This unit consists of six parts:

Part I. Share your own experiences of breakdowns in communication

Part II. Watch a video about non-verbal "Gestures from Around the World"

Part III. Watch two videos about verbal "Breakdowns in Communication"

Part IV. Read a passage about non-verbal communication. After reading, you will take a quiz.

Part V. Watch video clips and take notes of examples of verbal communication in the US Midwest that causes breakdowns in communication. After the videos, you will take a quiz.

Part VI. Prepare for your "Amazing Race"

A. Watch a video clip of the "Amazing Race."
B. Download rules, checklist, and map.
C. Watch two tutorials to help your present and reflect on your race.

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